Monday, September 25, 2006

Earlier Than I Thought

So im writing you all much earlier than i expected to have. Well I left Perma with all my stuff in a Bush Taxi (a full and a single matteras and bicycle on top) this morning. After a delay of 1 day because the driver wasn't ready. We left at 7:30AM a full 30 min earlier that he said we would leave, not very Beninoise at all. Had to say bye to my family and the other PCVs. My family was sad and wanted me to stay; i had to tell them i would try and come visit them during Christmas. So we left and got to Kouande only to find that the house was not ready and someone was living there still. I tried to find my supervisor but he wasn't there. Ended up coming back to Nati to get in touch with him. Turns out that the house will be ready on October 1st. So for the next week i will be living in the old peace corps volunteer house (which looks like it has been abandoned for years) till the new house is ready. Will spend the night here in Nati at the workstation then head back to the rundown house tomorrow. Its been a long day.
On the plus i did have some awesome beans with wagasi (cheese) and gari for 200CFA (1dollar = 500 CFA)
-Dutch Out

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