Saturday, January 06, 2007

You know your bien integre when…

You know your bien integre when…

• You answer your phone during meetings no matter how important
• You have a cell phone but no rezo (coverage)
• You feel the sun and run for shade
• You cannot confront someone directly, you need a third party
• Tchuck is not a nonsense word, it’s a way of life
• You greet every person in the room
• You have slept on a concrete floor
• Mixing spaghetti and rice seems normal
• You are marring a Beninese
• You smack around little children in your village just for fun
• Mixing spaghetti and lettuce seems normal
• Tissue is not something you blow your nose in
• You know how to identify good tissue
• You stopped trying to understand why the taxi stops, turns around and turns around again
• You understand the ‘doucement’
• You are more late for a meeting than the Benineese
• You don’t do your own laundry
• You have a petit assigned to every task in the house
• You think that you look good in a full outfit in the same print of gaudy fabric
• You start clicking and doing the ‘Eeh-Heeehh’ thing
• You can eat and actually like the snot sauce
• You can sleep on a marché mama in a bush taxi on terre rouge
• You spend more time greeting one person than it takes to brush your teeth (or chew your stick)
• You have local names that are not Yovo, Batouri, Blanc or Opeie
• You keep your money tied up in the corner of your pangna


Dad said...

You could add:
- Your grandmother gives you 150 Euro for your birthday, and your first reaction is: how much is that in CFA?

Sounded pretty integré to me! Looking forward to seeing you soon in Benin!

Robert said...


I was playing with Google Blog Search and look what I found... prepare to be bombarded with random nonsense posts!

wattle? don't eat it.

mama reynolds said...

So pleased that your parents will get the opportunity to visit you this month. We have a visit planned to Lucian in March. I hope you are well.
I'm still wondering if you received any of the packages that I sent. Let me know before I send any more. You take care and stay healthy and safe,