Thursday, June 26, 2008

Putting a Map on Kouande

So this might have been the longest and most productive week of my service in Benin, with the least amount of sleep. We had our second annual girls camp in Ouassa, then worked for 3 days on putting up a world map at the CEG in Kouande. (I painted the red and purple countries) pictures from for mentioned events can be found HERE. In local political news; the director of my NGO became the Mayor of Kouande, so now it is yet harder to get a hold of him. Also I am on my 90th book, trying to make it to that 100 mark with only have 2 months left. Still waiting on getting cement, however the director should have some more pull being the mayor and all. In local weather it looks like the the rainy season is just about to start with mangoes all over the place.
Hope everything is going well on that side of the ocean/sea. Also et me know your plans to welcome me when i travel near to (insert your town/village/city)

Niasara bani (reply is: Ami)